Wednesday, March 10, 2010


this mind map shows all the different sections/ booths that the sprint center event could have. Now the project is moving in the direction of helping people find jobs and be able to prepare for those jobs.

focusing on helping the unemployed find job that that is right for them.
Many things about a persons personality can help to direct a person toward a specific career.

this shows six different types of people. Once a person had discovered their personality type, they can learn more about what jobs would suit them using this cards

these cards display a range of jobs that would fit the selected personality from above

this form will help the mentor to determine a persons need
9 being the highest and 45 being the lowest need 

Monday, March 8, 2010


Experience Documentation

The glossy color samples, on the left and right sides of the diagram, show the viewer what colors are available. By having the color sample extend off the wall into a convex shape, the viewer can see how light will reflect off of a rounded painted surface, just as it would on an actual car. 

This wall of color choices persuades the viewer to walk up and personally interact with the display. The high gloss texture of the smooth round buttons and the unclear messages, which can be revealed by sliding the panels, encourages spectators to slide the panels themselves.  

This is one of the most beautiful sites in the whole place; as it should be. The lighting illuminates every square inch of the fresh painted body and adds definition to its subtle crisp curves. Centered on its platform and blocked of from all the other average normal cars, this adventures mass of muscle takes all the glory. As you look in the open door at the comfortable low seats and the spacious interior you can't help but picture yourself sitting in it. They wont let you sit in this one. They keep it reserved for the elite. Just like you when you own yours.

Friday, February 12, 2010


These are three things that I learned while reading the "Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines".

Copyright laws
In 1989 a law was passed that protects artists work automatically, from the moment of creation, without inscribing a copyright law. I thought that designers and artists always had to pay to have something copyrighted in order of it to protected.

5 Phases of environmental design
Programming- establish design criteria
Schematic Design- solving problems with concept development submit designs
Design Development- refine accepted designs
Contract Documentation- fully documented for implementation and is started
At this stage, any changes by the client can increase the bill as they are not in the original accepted concept
Contract Administration- quality checking to make sure production deployment and shipping go smoothly - payday

I didn’t realize that a designer could be payed on an hourly basis. I thought that all designers requested a lump sum at the beginning of a project. Requesting an hourly rate can be good and bad. It will insure that the time put in will represent your wages, but it will not insure that you make a certain amount. Being an hourly paid designer will not give you the benefit of knowing how much money the project will provide.